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Here are some pictures of us at Gulf Wars XII
More to come as we find them!

TRM Yoan and Eorann
up on Cisco and Vixen. Doesn't Cisco look fantastic as a white dragon? A special thanks to Her Grace, Duchess Elspeth and His Excellency, Baron Geoffrey of Lincoln for their hard work on the caparison.
Her Highness Ellen
up on Amon-Ra, who was graciously loaned for us by Lord Einar of Ansteorra. A special thanks goes to Lord Einar who consented to wear a Trimarian tabard for the procession.
The King of Atlantia
our ally, up on Lord Raynold of Wharren's mount Angel. Lord Raynold rode hard as our ally and helped us greatly against our foes.
Close up of our Trimarian Dragon
Lined up outside the fort
Her Highness enjoys the ride!
Ready to begin the procession.