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Meet our Horses
Here are the destriers of the Trimarian Cavalry.

THL Brenna's Cisco aka Renwick's Rogue
Cisco bore the title "Senator of Trimaris" by command of HRM Tearloch.  Sadly he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2003, but he is well remembered in Trimaris. 
L-R M'lady Kirsten and Sioux; THL Brenna and Cisco; Lady Meghan and Vixen
Oh, yeah and on the ground (L-R) Lady Cherie, Baron Maredudd and THL Aurora
Owned by M'Lady Lisette de Serena of Oldenfeld
Veritas who belongs to M'Lady Galena and Lord Edward Eagleheart
Lord Robin de Cleir and Dakota
put on their war faces. We think these two are going to be next years secret weapon at Gulf Wars...
HRH Martin on M'Lady Sunnifa's Cody and HRH Islay on Lord Gavin and Lady Morrigan's Cowboy
We need a picture of Cowboy that does him justice!
Lord Gavin and Lady Morrigan's Cowboy
That's Cowboy on the other side of Cody, owned and led by Lord Gavin O'Neill. Whoops, I suppose I should also mention that's HRH Islay riding him...