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Gulf Wars XI Photos
Trimarians at Gulf Wars

HRM Odo on THL Brenna's Cisco and HRM Elena on Lady Meghan's Vixen before the fort

TRH Martin and Islay before the fort mounted on Sunnifa's Cody and Lord Gavin's Cowboy

The Royal procession makes ready

Our Doe gets pressed into service by the Meridien Crown to hang on to Beaux "the wild"

The original design for the Trimarian Royal Barding

The Trimarian Royal barding on Cisco and Vixen for the first time

Lady Eleanor Fitzpatrick, one of our allies from the East Kingdom, on her horse Leaps and Bounds

THL Aurora, THL Brenna and Cisco make ready for their entrance into the Emprise de Hibou Tombe'

THL Brenna is chosen as the Champion of the Roses by the Ladies of the Rose

Participants in the Emprise de Hibou Tombe'

Participants in the Emprise de Hibou Tombe'

Participants in the Emprise de Hibou Tombe'

The Ansteorran Crown

Our own Duchess Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton presents awards

The charge begins

The charge prepares

Sir Henri le Hibou de Bois and Harleigh of Ansteorra

Duke Brion Tarragon of East Kingdom


Lady Alica Seale, one of our Meridien allies, prepares to make her run

Lady Katherine of Whiteacre, Caid Equestrian Champion