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This is the unofficial web site of the equestrians of the SCA Kingdom of Trimaris.  If you are looking for the official site, please go to

Site Updates

A hearty Vivat! to everyone who particpated in the Fourth Annual Emprise of the Azure Rose which was heal at the Tournament of the Wolf Moon.  What a splendid day it was, with riders from not only Trimaris but An Tir and Meridies making their entrance to the field of honor.

Congratulations to our new to our new Primus Equite': Duchess Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd, to the Emprise Champion Equestre' THL Cornelia de Cheval-Noir and to the winner of the Best Heraldic Display, Lady Sunnifa inn gladi Swensdottir.  Also, to Lady Godiva Longstaff who was the winner of both Rings and Quintain, and to M'lady Hillary of Marcaster who was the winner of Spear.

Welcome To Our Home Page
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