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The links listed below are of interest to SCA Equestrians.

Society-wide Equestrian Information
The Society Equestrian College
The Society Equestrian Handbook This is a PDF format, you will need an Adobe Reader to download or view it.
The SCA Equestrian Email List Join the SCA Equestrian Mailing List. Write "subscribe sca_equine" in the subject and message lines.


Other Sites
The Trimarian Cavalry Mailing List The official mailing list of the Trimarian Marshal of the Horse.
The East Kingdom Equestrian Page A very helpful site! Gives a great overview of the equestrian activites of the SCA.
The Ealdormerian Equestrian College
Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition Rules, forms, set-up diagrams and score submission information for the IKEqC.
Lady Eleanor Fitzpatrick's Webpages Wonderful site, especially the pictures of the tack made by SCA equestrians.
Madonna Contessa Ilaria's articles
The Company of St. Anne The Company of St. Anne is an inter-kingdom equestrian company.


Costume of the Military Horse Viscountess Kassandra Tenebrosa's article